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Knowing in detail about AWS Solutions Architect Certification

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services, called popularly as AWS is one of the subsidies of Amazon offering various customized cloud computing platforms to a number of businesses for smooth storage and access of vital data. It has now expanded into the certification exam for aws solution architect that is meant for honing up the technical expertise and skills of the individuals who work in the profile of solutions architect. The exam not only offers the certification but also shows the examinee’s abilities to utilize the knowledge effectively on creating robust solutions for the various cloud computing applications via the use of AWS technologies, to know more about it please visit

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The objectives of the examination

The following are the basic objectives of this examination that can help the required individuals to achieve the zenith of their career: -


· Architect a solution based on the customers’ requirements for wide ranges of applications

· Gain one-year experience of designing cost-effective, fault-free and good quality of AWS solutions


· Become able to guide any business developers on the methods of improving their cloud computing strategies

· Gain experience in management services as an aws solution architect

· Understand the basic architectural principles for building on the AWS cloud system


· Become able to identify the various AWS technology requirements and how can they be improved to enhance their efficiency for the betterment of the respective businesses

· Understand the overall global infrastructure of AWS

An overview of the examination

The entire program is divided into different aspects of cloud computing and hence it is up to the examinee to take the one in which he or she is interested. The examination for aws solution architect is of multiple choice type with the net duration of the same as 130 minutes. The mode of examination is available in English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese and has a registration fee of USD 150 for the test takers.



Acing the examination

Seeing the importance of the examination, it is quite evident that the level of the exam would not be that easy and hence enough practice is must to ace in the same. The following are the tips to gain upper hand in the same: -


· Taking a course on any of the fields of aws solution architect examination to brush up the basic concepts

· Taking up a sample exam guide post the basic preparation and undergoing the test to understand the level of questions that one might face in the exams


· Have a good look at the AWS examination rules and regulations

· Booking up a slot for the exam only after enough preparation

Hence, it is highly important to have such reputed certifications in this age of cloud computing that can offer the required skill set to move on in the field.

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